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Elite Athlete Programs

Professional knowledge is vital to the elite athlete.

There are many factors that need to be considered when implementing a strength and conditioning program such as knowing what exercises should be performed together and on what days to do so. When to include specific blocks of training throughout a season, and what you need to do to ensure you don’t create problems with over-training or incorrect training.

Strength-training programs are implemented by athletes to improve their muscular strength, power, economy of movement, and to reduce the likelihood of injury. Studies have now shown overwhelming evidence that resistance training can significantly improve endurance performance, and a structured weights program can help elite athletes reach their full potential. 

A physiotherapist in The Rehab Gym can work with an athlete to maximize their performance and to reduce athletic injuries as well as strengthen areas which may be prone to injury. 

This is where a qualified physiotherapist from Progress Physiotherapy with professional knowledge is vital to the elite athlete. It allows them to work hard while also staying injury free. The Rehab Gym facilites are designed perfectly for elite training. Our 20m running track and functional equipment can be used in a well designed elite athlete program.