FreQently asked questions

Where are you?

We are located in the Bunbury CBD at 46 Spencer Street, in the same building as Progress Physiotherapy, just next to Toyota and the Coffee and Flour bakery.

Are you open 24hrs?

Yes, our facilities are 24hr for our members. When you join you will need to purchase a swipe key for 24hr access.

What age can my son or daughter join?

Accompanied children can attend for specific strength and conditioning programs from 12 years old but they must follow the program made for them by our physiotherapists and must not do other additional exercises. Kids 12-14 must be accompanied by an adult.

From 15 years of age if the teenager is responsible they may attend independently to follow their rehab or strength and conditioning programs.

Am I going to be locked into a contract?

No, we do not have lock in contracts. You can exit anytime after 1 month by sending us an email to stating your reason for leaving. Please note direct debits may take up to 7-10days to cease.

What happens if I go on holidays? Can my direct deposit schedule be put on hold?

Yes, most certainly. You will need to alert us to the fact that you need to “freeze or suspend” your membership in writing 5 days prior to the date you’d like it stopped and when you’d like it reactivated. Email to

Is there a joining fee?

No, unlike many other gyms we do not charge a joining fee.

Do you do classes?

Yes, we do. We offer:

  • Seniors Classes called “Age Well”
  • Supervised Classes where you can be guided and supervised while you carry on with your specific rehab gym programs given to you by our physiotherapists.
  • Stretch Classes
  • Strength and Conditioning Classes

Please refer to our classes section of our website for further info or email or call 9791 8961.

Do I have to be injured to get a membership?

No, you do not. We welcome general public memberships too. We are a safe, non -confrontational space to workout but if you are injured or have suffered injuries in the past, we are best equipped to assist you.

Do you offer family memberships?

Yes, we do. We tailor make our family memberships to suit everyone, as not all families are the same! Call us for more details or drop in.

Can someone write me a gym program?

Yes! This is what we do best! Our physiotherapists are highly educated in exercise prescription. To book in for a gym program you will need a 1-hour appointment and to come in comfortable clothing.

Will I be safe in your gym?

Yes, our gym has CCTV and is security monitored with an alert buzzer, if in need press that and security will arrive. We are a friendly, non-confrontational safe place to work out.

Why is your gym different?

We are different because we are owned and operated by physiotherapists. We provide safe and effective exercise for you. We know injuries and pain well and can assist you with safe, effective, specific exercise programming.

Our spacious facility is well equipped with functional equipment which aids your body in moving the way it’s designed too!

Whether its injury rehabilitation, general exercise or exercising for your chosen sport we are the gym for you!

Why would I want a Physiotherapist to do my program V’s a personal trainer?

Physiotherapist study for years focusing on how the body moves. We are best equipped with all the latest knowledge and research to give you a safe, effective and specific gym program for your exercise/rehab journey.

Do you have other questions?